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China on Thursday successfully refueled its Tiangong-2 space lab in orbit, proving it has mastered the last crucial piece of technology to fulfill the country's space station ambition.

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PLA to reorganize into just 13 groups

The Central Military Commission has decided to reorganize the army groups of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Army, Defense Ministry spokesperson Yang Yujun said Thursday.

China urges EU to stop interfering in Hong Kong, Macao affairs

China on Thursday urged the European Union to stop interfering in Hong Kong and Macao affairs and to contribute more to China-EU relations.

China eyes better military relations with the U.S.

China is willing to work with the US to manage risks and properly handle disagreements in order to propel mutual trust and seek more progress in promoting ties between the militaries.

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Be open-minded about China's Belt and Road Initiative

For a Western world that embraces competition, it is not easy to understand the Chinese way of thinking that calls for harmony and stability.

Brexit likely to affect Italian exports, contributions to EU

Possible consequences of Brexit on the Italian economy could be on exportations and contributions that the country will be required to pay to the European Union (EU).

Buy and Made in Sino-America as always

As a wave a Chinese leading companies such as Haier, Huawei delivering quality and innovative products with Artisan Spirit to the worldwide market, "Made in China" reputation is on its way from "manufacturing" to "branding" that would attract more consumers!

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