Shanghai bund gets facelift

2008-02-21 09:45 BJT


Shanghai's famous waterfront promenade, the Bund, is about to undergo a major facelift. Locals are storing up memories of the historic landmark before the two-year-long renovation starts this weekend.

Despite the changes to come, the local government says the Bund will not lose its original flavor. Instead, there will be better views and more visitor-friendly structures.
Despite the changes to come, the local government says the 
Bund will not lose its original flavor. Instead, there will 
be better views and more visitor-friendly structures.

This curved highway ramp gives the best view of the Bund.

The ramp will be removed during renovations, and traffic along the Bund will use a tunnel.

Some locals feel they are losing somthing.

A Shanghai resident said, "I've been living nearby for many years. Soon the ramp will be gone. I have a strong feeling of nostalgia. Driving along the ramp is great. You can see the city's most famous landmark right in front of you."

This hundred-year-old bridge is also included in the renovation plan. But it won't disappear forever. It will be removed to a shipyard for repairs, and return to the same location next year.

A Shanghai resident said, "There are only a few old bridges left in Shanghai. Many movies set in the 1940's have been shot here. We need to protect those old structures."

But times are changing, and some people are trying to capture the present before it becomes the past.

Amateur photographer Li Zailou said, "During the past month, I have taken many pictures of the old bridges. They all have their own characters."

Despite the changes to come, the local government says the Bund will not lose its original flavor. Instead, there will be better views and more visitor-friendly structures.

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