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China builds up submarine fleet


Source: | 04-22-2009 08:38

Special Report:   Chinese navy 60th anniversary

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Submarine fleets are seen as one of the most powerful features of any military force. And China's own fleet is what lies behind the country's underwater "Great Wall".

China's own fleet is what lies behind the country's underwater "Great Wall".
China's own fleet is what lies behind the country's underwater
"Great Wall".

A submarine is a sort of high-tech underwater "castle". The achievements come after over half a century of development.

Navy Information Technology expert Yin Zhuo said, "The information technology for our first class of submarines was at quite a low level. But now our submarines are armed with guided missiles. They are capable of performing strategic nuclear counterattacks against the enemy, strike long-range vessels, and also attack enemy submarines. "

This is a new type of submarine, containing about ten-thousand highly-developed automatic features and equipment,involving know-how in many disciplines.

Wang Yu, submarine captain of North Sea Fleet, said, "The data transporting system links all parts of this submarine, clarifying all information and uniting all military forces together."