Usain Bolt offers advice to Cristiano Ronaldo

2009-05-16 11:21 BJT

The fastest man in the world has given some advice to Manchester United. As a fan of the Red Devils, Usain Bolt has offered running tips to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sprint king Usain Bolt and marathon legend Haile Gebrselassie are running in Manchester. As a fan of Manchester United, the Jamaican will also watch the team face Arsenal. Bolt has admiration for the team as they find themselves on the cusp of another league title.

Bolt, Olympic 100 and 200m Champion, said, "I think it is definitely the team, the teamwork. I think they are together and Alex Ferguson really did a great job with these guys and I think it's all about teamwork - I watched the training and these guys really enjoy being around each other, that's the key. They really enjoy each other, they're great friends you can see by just watching them."

The Olympic 100 and 200-metre champion even dropped in on a Manchester United training session, where he passed on advice to Cristiano Ronaldo.

"Well, I actually sat down and I was explaining to him a few things. I was explaining to him when he runs and he reaches top speed and he starts to tip over. He always does that, so I let him know that if he brings his foot on his centre of gravity it will be much easier, or even in front of him, much easier. So, we sat and we talked and I gave him a few tips. He was like 'yeah, that's good', so I said try it - you will see you are much better."

But Bolt admits his preparations for the coming season are behind schedule:

"I'm getting there, I'm a little bit off but I think I will get there by Berlin, so that's the main aim for me right now. I'm focussing on just one thing and that's getting to a World Championship and doing as good as possible. I'm just trying to live up to my expectations and everybody around the world."

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