New York Majesty into Lingerie Football League

2009-05-16 14:18 BJT

The Lingerie Football League is expanding into a 12-team circuit for a 20 week schedule of games in major United States cities. The New York Majesty is the latest team to choose the league's newest recruits.

The Mitchell Athletic Complex filled with attractive young women for the Majesty's first-ever mini-camp in the L-F-L. The American football organization grew out of the Lingerie Bowl, a pay-per-view event run annually since 2004 opposite of the Super Bowl halftime show.

The buxom blondes and brunettes will play seven-on-seven tackle football in 12 different cities. The schedule begins in September and will run into January. Each team will play two home games and two away games.

These women are expected to be just as tough - and violent - as the men.//In fact, some women suffered several injuries in the New York mini-camp, including scratches and bruises.

But many girls showed up in-shape, and were more concerned with the uniforms than the physical nature of play. The season kicks-off September 4th in Chicago.

Melissa Teixeira said, "Just because we're in our underwear doesn't mean that we're not athletic. We can play sports, we can actually tackle each other, we can throw footballs, we can catch, we can dive, we can do everything that the guys can do cause we're just as tough as the guys so being in our lingerie really doesn't ... Just pretend it's not there cause we can play sports. We don't want to be classified as that typical model or typical blonde as they want to call it."

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