Lakers beat Rockets to reach conference final

2009-05-18 09:00 BJT


What was expected to be a climactic game 7 of the Western Conference semi-final on Sunday between the Houston Rockets and LA Lakers proved to be something of a disappointment, at least if you were a Rockets fan.

Houston Rockets forward Chuck Hayes (L) grabs a rebound from Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant during the first half of Game 7 of an NBA Western conference playoff basketball series, on Sunday in Los Angeles. The Lakers see off the Rockets by crushing their opponents 89-70 to advance to the Western Conference finals. [Photo:]
Houston Rockets forward Chuck Hayes (L) grabs a rebound from Los 
Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant during the first half of Game 7 
of an NBA Western conference playoff basketball series, on Sunday 
in Los Angeles. The Lakers see off the Rockets by crushing their 
opponents 89-70 to advance to the Western Conference finals. 

Early in the 1st quarter, Houston turnover. Pau Gasol blocked Luis Scola's jumper and fed Kobe Bryant for a layup. Lakers led by three.

Later, Lakers led by five, Trevor Ariza hit a 3-pointer. Lakers opened the game with a 8-nothing run.

Midway through the quarter, Rockets trailed by 11. Ron Artest penetrated and assisted Chuck Hayes for a layup. (The Rockets's first basket of the game.)

Late in the quarter, Lakers up by eight. Gasol grabbed the offensive rebound and put the ball back while being fouled. Lakers led by 10 after the quarter.

Later in the 2nd quarter, Los Angeles led by 17. Bryant drove in but missed the layup. Again, Gasol's one-handed put-back dunk.

Moments later. Houston turnover. Bryant stole Aaron Brooks's pass and fed Ariza for a slam dunk, bring Jack Nicholson out of his courtside seat. Lakers led by 21.