A barber: Standing on his head while working

2009-05-20 18:59 BJT

A barber, who got tired of the traditional way of haircut, has created a new one: standing on his head while working.

Barber Wang Xiaoyu performs his unique skill of headstand haircut in a residential district of Changsha, capital city of central south China's Hunan Province, on Tuesday, May 19, 2009. [Photo: www.hnol.net]
Barber Wang Xiaoyu performs his unique skill of headstand 
haircut in a residential district of Changsha, capital city
of central south China's Hunan Province, on Tuesday, May 19,
2009. [Photo: www.hnol.net]

Wang Xiaoyu showed his unique skill on Tuesday in Changsha, capital city of central south China's Hunan Province. After a quick warm-up, Wang stood upside down on a table against the wall. With his foot leaning on the wall for support, Wang began to do the hair for a girl.

After his performance, Wang told a reporter from www.hnol.net that he could work for over twenty minutes as usual and the skill of the headstand haircut was to keep balance while working his magic.

"I have worked as a barber for more than ten years and just wanted to be innovative." Wang said.

Wang added that he would practice the skill for another five years, and then perform it around the world.

Editor: Xiong Qu | Source: CRI