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ANZAC World War One photos up for auction

2009-05-31 09:31 BJT


An extensive photograph collection of battle scenes from World War One has just come up for auction. The collection belonged to British Commander General William Birdwood,who had a distinguished military career and led the Australian and New Zealand forces at the famous Battle of Gallipoli in Turkey in 1915.

The soldiers who served with the Australia New Zealand Army Corps were known as ANZACs. These men were famous throughout the world for their skill and fighting spirit a reputation etched in stone during the Battle of Gallipoli where they suffered an enormous loss of life.

The troops were led by then Lieutenant General Sir William Birdwood, also known as "Birdie". He served as their commander at Gallipoli, and later in France and Belgium.

Peter Burness, a historian of Australian War Memorial said, "Birdwood has a very unique place in the history of the Australian Imperial Force in the First World War. He led the ANZACs. He commanded them on Gallipolli, and later he commanded the corps in France and Belgium. When they created the corps as the Australian Corps late in 1917 he was in command of that until it was handed over to General Monash, the Australian."

Birdwood built up a collection of some 600 war photographs from the various theatres of war.

Many of the photos show ANZAC troops in action.