Heavy-duty helicopter joins rescue work after landslide

2009-06-11 13:51 BJT


A heavy-duty helicopter has arrived in southwest China's Chongqing,and has started carrying machinery needed in the search of 63 people who are missing following last Friday's landslide.

The Mi-26 heavy-duty helicopter, with a maximum load of 20 tons, joined the rescue work Thursday.

The Mi-26 heavy-duty helicopter, with a maximum load of 20 tons, joined the rescue work Thursday.
The Mi-26 heavy-duty helicopter, with a maximum 
load of 20 tons, joined the rescue work Thursday.

A rescuer said that the plan is to drill a hole through which the team could put life detection instruments.

He added that if there are any signs of life, rescuers would use explosions and heavy machinery airlifted by the helicopter... to clear the mine entrance.

The rescuer also said all roads leading to the site added to the difficulties, and it takes three hours to drive from the rescue headquarters to the site of the landslide.

Rescuers had stopped using explosives to remove landslide debris on Monday, due to fears they could cause another disaster.

The landslide buried two entrances to the Jiwei Mountain mine, an iron ore facility in Tiekuang Township. That's where 27 miners are believed to be trapped. And the landslide also created a barrier lake with some 10-thousand cubic meters of water.