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Sun Yue celebrates with Lakers

2009-06-16 08:41 BJT

Now of course, it's any NBA player's dream to win the championship of the organization with his team. But to realize this dream, one sometimes needs a lot of luck besides ability.

Despite not even playing a full quarter of basketball for the season, and not even being on the active roster for the playoffs,Sun Yue has won an NBA ring with the Lakers. 
Despite not even playing a full quarter of basketball for the 
season, and not even being on the active roster for the 
playoffs,Sun Yue has won an NBA ring with the Lakers.

Take Sun Yue for example, despite not even playing a full quarter of basketball for the season, and not even being on the active roster for the playoffs, he has won an NBA ring with the Lakers.

His ten minutes in the NBA this year and season in the D-League has earned Sun the second NBA ring by a Chinese player - the first being Menk Bateer.

Sun Yue can thank Kobe Bryant,for his fancy little piece of jewelry he will be sporting next season.

Turning to the streets of Los Angeles, and what would a championship celebration in L.A. be without a little rioting? Fan celebrations for the LA Lakers victory got totally out of hand and caused havoc. As a result, shop window glasses were shattered, and police vehicles were damaged.

Despite the chaos, the city of Los Angeles is expected to honour the Lakers with a proper victory parade on Wednesday.