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The third excavation of Terra Cotta begins

2009-06-16 08:52 BJT


Excavation work on the Chinese archeological wonder that is home of the "Terra Cotta" army -- is underway again. There are still many exciting treasures waiting to be unearthed over three decades after the first excavation of the famous site. And some twenty four years after the second excavation of the ancient burial ground.

Excavation work on the Chinese archeological wonder that is home of the "Terra Cotta" army -- is underway again. 
Excavation work on the Chinese archeological wonder that is home
of the "Terra Cotta" army -- is underway again. 

The third excavation began on Saturday. Experts say the condition of the relics unearthed so far are better than expected. The exciting finds include two chariots, each driven by four horses, and color paintings on some individual warriors. Archeologists speculate there may be a phalanx of color warriors. Measures have been taken to ensure the original color is preserved and not damaged by exposure to air.

 Experts say the condition of the relics unearthed so far are better than expected. 
 Experts say the condition of the relics unearthed
so far are better than expected. 

Members of the excavation team have also stabilized the fragile walls of the pits to protect them from collapsing during the digging process. They are also documenting each newly found relic.