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The Eleventh National Games Unprecedentedly Spectacular

2009-06-26 18:53 BJT

The Eleventh National Games will be held during Oct.16-28, 2009 in Shandong. This competition will surpass all the past National Games in terms of the number of sports events, number of athletes and attendance, and will be unprecedentedly spectacular.

As a comprehensive sports event representing the highest level domestically held once every four years, the Eleventh National Games will include 33 major competitions and 360 minor ones, where more than 40 delegations from the Liberatoin Army, all provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions and relevant industrial sports associations will participate. It is expected the total number of participants, including over 10,000 athletes and coaches, referees, delegation staff, journalists and observers, will exceed 35,000. CCTV will apply the expertise and practice in the coverage of the Beijing Olympic Games to the Eleventh National Games.

The National Games Has Unique Marketing Values

During the Beijing Olympics, Chinese sports stars dazzled the world, and became the first choice for brand endorsement. Many Chinese sports stars, such as Liu Xiang, Guo Jingjing, Zhang Yining, Wang Hao, Lin Dan, and the Chinese women’s volleyball team will appear in the competitions of the National Games. Enterprises can deliver advertisements from multiple dimensions, relying on the popularity of sports stars and high exposure on the National Games and through the platform of media, to quickly improve brand recognition.

As a survey on the National Games suggests, over 2/3 of the interviewees knew and paid attention to the Games; among those who knew, 85.8% said they were interested in it. 71.7% of the interviewees said they would watch it on TV, and 92.5% of TV audience watched CCTV as their first choice.

The survey also indicates that most people have a positive attitude toward the TV advertisements launched during the National Games. For example, 64.8% of the interviewees thought “the enthusiasm of such enterprises about major sports suggests they are vigorous.” So it is evident that the National Games can help brands draw public attention and expand target groups.

High audience rating and concentrated attention provide double guarantee on values for enterprises to market through sports and launch advertisements in the Natinal Games.

Ad Dept Launches Marketing Plan for National Games

On June 2, the Advertising Department, along with CCTV.COM, Future Advertising and MMIA, established the marketing team for the Eleventh National Games, which marked the formal launching of the advertising marketing campaign for the National Games.

For the advertising marketing in this National Games, the Advertising Department will fully integrate competition coverage channels such as the Comprehensive Channel and the Sports Channel with new media advertising resources such as CCTV.COM, in reference to the experience in advertising marketing during the Beijing Olympics. The Campaign will be led by the Advertising Department, where CCTV.COM, Future Advertising and MMIA will take part, and be planned, promoted, marketed and executed in a unified manner. The entire marketing process started with the drafting of the advertising plan, which will be completed in early July. The sales work will start in late July.

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