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Film adapted from e-novel starts shooting

2009-06-29 09:35 BJT

A film aiming to capture a young audience started shooting in Beijing. It's adapted from a hit internet novel "Days Living with the Air Hostess". Lead actor Chen Bailin and actress Wang Luodan were on hand to promote the film.

Upcoming stars Chen Bailin and Wang Luodan will tell the story of a pair of youngsters, who happen to share a room. They dislike each other, quarrel, and then fall in love.

Chen Bailin plays Lu Fei, an elite man in the creative industry. The role has multiple personalities, depending on the mood he is in.

Actor Chen Bailin, said, "He is basically a homebody. But when he is angry, he turns into a tough guy, like a rock singer. And sometimes he is effeminate and artistic. Then at times, he is a sane person, like a lawyer, speaking in a very logical way."

Wang Luodan tries out the role of an air hostess for the first time...And she looks good! Wang gained popularity after starring in the hit TV series "Struggle", "My Youthfulness". But this time, in a quieter role, she is quite unlike the jumpy girls she portrayed in the two series.

Editor: Zhao Yanchen | Source: CCTV.com