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Shanghai residents pick sculptures for 2010 expo

2009-07-03 09:05 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Shanghai Expo Countdown |

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Shanghai residents will help select 60 sculptures for display at next year's World Expo.

Shanghai residents will help select 60 sculptures for display at next year's World Expo. 
Shanghai residents will help select 60 sculptures for display at
next year's World Expo. 

Visitors to an exhibition at Shanghai Sculpture Space along west Huaihai road, can vote for their favorites.

Visitors to an exhibition at Shanghai Sculpture Space along west Huaihai road, can vote for their favorites.
Visitors to an exhibition at Shanghai Sculpture Space along west
Huaihai road, can vote for their favorites.

Designer Jamie Parrow said, "When the firework goes to the top of the sky, it explodes into."