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Disseminate Knowledge on Advertising Pratice to Bridge the Academic and Business Circles CCTV AD Season College Tour Goes to Heilongjiang University

2009-07-03 15:50 BJT

On June 5, the AD Season College Tour, sponsored by China Advertising Association, CCTV Advertising Department and Heilongjiang University, undertaken by the News Communication Institute of Heilongjiang University, was held in the Lecture hall of Lize Park at Heilongjiang University.

Since it was first successfully held in Peking University on March 9, 2006, AD Season has been successfully held in Wuhan University, Sun Yat-sen University, Sichuan University, Nankai University, Lanzhou University and Xiamen University. Based on those successful experience, AD Season landed on Heilongjiang University located in the northeastern part of the country.

This event attracted more than 800 people, including students majoring in Advertisement, Management and Marketing and other fields, and representatives from media agencies and enterprises, with the lecture hall full up. This event was moderated by Liu Fangfei from CCTV and Zhao Yuxin, a student from Heilongjiang University.

Li Guoqing, Secretary-general of China Advertising Association, Chen Rongyong, Deputy Director of CCTV Advertising Department and Tomaz Mok, Managing Director, SGM Works - McCann Erickson Guangming Ltd. attended the event, to deliver frontier information from the advertisement, academic and enterprise circles to the students. Leaders of Heilongjiang University, like Ding Liqun, Deputy Principal, Zheng Yanan, Head of the News Communication Institute, Chen Wenyuan, Secretary of the Party branch, and Cui Dequn, Director of the Advertisement Department, attended the event.

This event was opened in the song Forever Friends, sung by four students from the News Communication Institute of HU. Li Guoqing, Secretary-general of China Advertising Association and Ding Liqun, Deputy Principal of HU addressed for the event.

Li Guoqing pointed out: the Chinese advertising industry is in urgent need of advertising theories and education as support, of higher theoretical level and young people with theoretical bases, creative minds and strong creativity. The Chinese advertising industry has rapidly developed for 30 years. Under the current situation, the industrial upgrading must be relied on achieving sustainable development in the Chinese advertising industry, which must be driven by the internal force. One of the most important internal forces that can drive the advertising industry is talented people.

Ding Liqun said in his address: this event will necessarily bring the latest information, research results and practical experience in terms of marketing and advertising to the students of Heilongjiang University, and helps to strengthen communication between the academic circle and the business circle, and to improve the teaching quality of the News Communication Institute of the University.

During the event, Chen Rongyong, Deputy Director of CCTV Advertising Department, made the keynote speech on TV Advertisement Management under New Economic Environment, through which he elaborated four stages of Chinese TV advertisements over past three decades, the current condition and characteristics of TV advertisement management and the practices of CCTV in advertisement management, sharing the expereince and knowledge of CCTV over the three decades with the teachers and students of HU.

Tomaz Mok, who won the first Press Lions of Cannes and Clio Awards for China, made the keynote speech Book of Changes on Advertisement, explaining the essence and highlight of advertisement ideas and described how to surpass old ideas and create new ones by showing lots of classical creative press advertisements and videos.

The splendid speeches of the guests were well popular with the students with claps thundering in the lecture hall. Affected by the passion of the students, the guest speakers prolonged their time of speeches, and taught all their practical experience to the students. The event, originally scheduled to end at 10pm, did not end until 11pm, lasting nearly four hours.

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