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School libraries, out of favor

2009-07-09 09:12 BJT

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Our next story proves that some relics are better than others. Most schools in Chinese cities have a mini-library attached to them that is supposed to help children develop a lifelong love of books and literature. But in a recent study, many school libraries have failed to accomplish this task and have even fallen into oblivion. In today's "Spotlight" we probe into why school libraries are falling out of favor with students.

During the summer vacation, bookstores are crowded with children. Stores like this have surpassed libraries' ability to quench children's thirst for knowledge, especially because they provide multiple options and easy accessibility.

Only seven out of 24 students interviewed say they frequent school libraries. Some don't even know when the libraries are open.

In Tianjin, a recent, more extensive study on students' reading habits revealed that school libraries are losing their charm. The report says that less than 15% of the students in Tianjin primary and middle schools turn to school libraries for reading pleasure.