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Overseas radio listners express belief in China's ability to restore stability in Xinjiang

2009-07-14 22:26 BJT

Special Report: 7.5 Xinjiang Urumqi Riots |

BEIJING, July 14 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese government has the ability to restore social stability in its northwest Xinjiang region soon, the overseas listeners of China Radio International (CRI) said.

Egypt's Samar el-Sayed strongly condemned the "inhuman thugs" who started the riot on July 5 in Urumqi, capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region,

"They killed and hurt so many innocent people, with the aim to sabotage regional peace and stability," he said. "The group that masterminded the violence wanted to divide China and create panic and undermine national unity in the country."

El-Sayed said he believed that the Chinese government and people are able to stabilize the situation at an early date and crack down on the thugs who committed crimes.

Nepal's Chatnath Acharya said the violence in Urumqi was really "bad news."

"I hope the social order and peace in Xinjiang will be restored soon. I support China's one-China policy," Acharya said.

Japan's Murakami Takeshi said violent acts should never be allowed to solve problems, adding that the violence had caused huge pain to local people and ethnic groups.

"I sincerely hope the problems and sorrow resulting from it (the violence) will be settled successfully as soon as possible, so that peace among various ethnic groups can return to Urumqi," he said.

Nigeria's Salisu Muhammad Dawanau said he was shocked and horrified by the violent crimes that caused a number of casualties.

He hoped the violent crimes would be put down soon and peace and harmony restored in Urumqi.

At least 184 people were killed and more than 1,000 others were injured during the July 5 riot. Local police in Xinjiang have said they had evidence that the separatist World Uygur Congress had masterminded the riot.

Editor: Zhang Ning | Source: Xinhua