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Imperial palace ruins found

2009-07-17 09:26 BJT

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An archeological dig at the Nanyue Kingdom Relics Site in Guangzhou has unearthed a large-scale palace site dating back two thousand years.

An archeological dig at the Nanyue Kingdom Relics Site in Guangzhou has unearthed a large-scale palace site dating back two thousand years.
An archeological dig at the Nanyue Kingdom Relics Site in Guangzhou
has unearthed a large-scale palace site dating back two thousand

The Nanyue Kingdom of the Western Han Dynasty some 2,000 years ago and the Nanhan Kingdom of Five Dynasties period over one thousand years ago were located in what is now downtown Guangzhou.

The newly excavated palace is located at the west of the Nanyue Kingdom Relics Site. It consists of a compound, including halls, corridors and courtyards. The location and scale suggests the buildings could be the imperial court of the Nanhan Kingdom. The bricks of the north-facing courtyard are covered with butterfly and peony patterns, which offer clues to the former grandeur and exquisiteness of the place. It's the largest palace site ever excavated in China.