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Good Programs Are Everything

2009-07-21 10:40 BJT

Advertising must rely on programs, which is iron truth. A couple of days ago, CCTV President Jiao Li pointed out in a distinct way, when listening to the report on advertising management: programs are the key to advertisement revenues, and audience rating and program influence are the foundation for increasing advertisement revenues, then he revealed that there would be a major change in the programs of CCTV in the near future. This is real good news not only to us who run the advertisement business, but also to clients as well as agencies.

Intense adjustments of programs are underway, and the tenet of “focusing on news as the foundation” has been further strengthened. On one hand, original news sources have been extensively developed, the proportion of self-produced news has been increased, and news communication resources have been enriched. In the meantime, quick response teams for regional news have been set up domestically, to acquire first-hand news in time. In the next three years, six central overseas bureaus and 50 regional reporter stations will be established worldwide, to spread the voice of the Chinese people in international affairs and deliver our opinions. On the other hand, news broadcasting will be dramatically adjusted. As for the Comprehensive Channel, news broadcasting will be intensified; for the News Broadcast program, the commentator system will be established, and meeting news will be covered less often. The Topics in Focus will cover more programs involving public supervision over government officials. This will greatly improve the quality and influence of these two programs, which will become a worthy vantage point in spreading of public opinions and influence as well as an irreplaceable strategic highland for brand communication.

CCTV-News Channel has been turned into open transmission, and the audience rating soon increases. Besides, the News Channel has been thoroughly reformed since July, and breakthroughs will be achieved in terms of mechanism and concept. Meanwhile, the news on other channels will also be adjusted accordingly. Planning will be enhanced on TV series, and more excellent TV series will be launched. Other channels will be greatly reformed before CCTV Prime Advertising Resource Bidding on Nov.18. With strong foundation, we will definitely be full of confidence in advertising management in the future, and it is believed our clients will also have more confidence on CCTV.

Chen Rongyong

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