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Sales Tripled in Months, Cradle Dairy Steps onto Development Highway

2009-07-22 15:12 BJT

Though being beset with difficulties at home and abroad, at the beginning of 2009, China’s dairy industry has regained its vigor and vitality after going through many severe tests and challenges. In this sector, by virtue of its super quality, Heilongjiang Cradle Dairy Co., Ltd. has become a new star in the market of milk powder for infants and children.

Since November 2008, Cradle Dairy has started to place advertisements in CCTV-1 Prime Resource and this helped the enterprise to step onto the development expressway. From October 2008 till now, Cradle Dairy has rapidly promoted the sales of its products, with an increment of more than three times this period.

According to Vice General Manager Li Jiajun, when the case of Sanlu milk power scandal occurred, Cradle Dairy jumped at the chance and began to launch advertisements, especially on CCTV. This move pushed the company onto the development expressway and demands for its products began to exceed the supply.

Cradle Dairy chose to release advertisements in the Major TV drama of the Year - The Legend of Bruce Lee - in CCTV-1 Golden Theater since Oct. 2008, the Weather Forecast 1+1 and the Morning News and other well-known programs of CCTV from November to December, and therefore achieved desirable effect.

In 2009, Cradle Dairy will continue to advertise in CCTV Prime Resource. Vice General Manager Li Jiajun introduced that, the company used to advertise primarily on other television media while taking CCTV as a secondary medium. However, after a period of time, the consumer survey conducted by the company showed that more than 80% of respondents saw Cradle Dairy’s advertisement through CCTV. Thus the enterprise revised its advertisement releasing strategy and took CCTV-1 as the primary medium with other media as supplementary ones in 2009.

Founded in 1998 with the Cradle series of milk powder for infants and children as its leading products, Heilongjiang Cradle Dairy Co., Ltd. has undertaken the mission - “to make high-quality and nutritious milkpowder for the healthy growth of all the Chinese babies.” After a decade of development, Cradle Dairy has not only built a strong foundation on product quality, but also established a sales network all over China. In 2009, Cradle will invest huge amount of capital to enlarge the production scale and further improve the product quality. Meanwhile, Cradle will also input more human and material resources to enhance its brand building. (By Fan Su Feng)

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