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Mayan relics found in Garbage

2009-07-23 09:09 BJT

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They say one man's trash is another man's treasure. And for garbage man Nick Dimola this is definitely true. Dimola found a barrel filled with clay artifacts, believed to be almost 2,000 years old, originating from ancient Mexico.

Nick Dimola couldn't believe his luck. His company was hired to clear out an apartment in New York five years ago when he discovered a barrel filled with what seemed to be old clay statues and artifacts.

Dimola found a barrel filled with clay artifacts, believed to be almost 2,000 years old, originating from ancient Mexico.
Dimola found a barrel filled with clay artifacts, believed to be
almost 2,000 years old, originating from ancient Mexico.

Nick Dimola said, "We were hired to clean out a basement of an estate in Manhattan, in Soho and I must have saw it in a barrel, looked at it and said, 'Oh, no, don't throw it away, put it in my truck and bring it back to the warehouse.' We bought it back to the warehouse but it sat here for at least five years. And going through the warehouse, because things are quiet right now, we stumbled upon it. And I researched it and I found out that these things are authentic and are very valuable, and are thousands of dollars."

Dimola recently took a few pieces from the barrel and brought them to ancient art appraiser and dealer, Howard Nowes. Nowes authenticated some of the pieces as being of Mayan origin, from Mexico. Some of the pieces are between 18 and 25 centuries old. He estimates the value of the few items Dimola showed him are between 2,500 and 3,000 US dollars.

Dimola believes he's the biggest garbage-collector around. Through his demolition and rubbish removal business he has collected thousands of signs, buttons, photographs, jewelry and relics from peoples homes and business. Many items were simply discarded by their owners.

Dimola has no intention of keeping the Mayan artifacts. He says they would rather be kept in a museum where people can appreciate them.

Editor: Zhao Yanchen | Source: CCTV.com