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Huiyuan’s “Lemon Me” Drink Initiates Lemon VC Ad War

2009-07-23 14:40 BJT

Recently, Huiyuan launches “Lemon Me” juice drink, with “more juice, more VC and more sweet” as the main selling point.Following tea, juice and functional drinks, the marketing war of lemon VC drinks, the emerging force of low-juice drinks market, is becoming much fiercer. CCTV, as the established advertising platform for beverage giants, again wins the favors of Huiyuan, Yangshengtang and Wahaha.

It is reported that Huiyuan has re-organized its existing business line and is unveiling the marketing campaign of “urban and rural sales” all around China. This campaign, with a view to maximizing the sales, not only strengthens the sales in large and medium urban markets, but also accelerates the pace of opening rural juice markets by benefiting consumers in counties and townships.

As early as 1997, Huiyuan has attended in CCTV advertising bids, and always puts its advantageous resources in CCTV. For example, Huiyuan advocates its brand philosophy, “Drink Huiyuan Juice, Meet on The Road of Health” via CCTV, bringing about favorable benefits with smaller inputs and half of China’s juice market share. Therefore, “Huiyuan” series products, including juice products, fruit and vegetable products and even tea drinks, see notable performance.

In 2009, Huiyuan continues its consistent media strategy – advertising on CCTV prime resource. According to Zhao Jinlin, Vice President of Huiyuan, Huiyuan focuses on practical, rational, flexible and effective advertising, which both guides consumption and publicizes the quality and safety of products. Huiyuan intends to increase the market share and further sales promotion by combining the advertisement with market promotions.

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