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Yunnan Baiyao to Hit RMB 10b Revenue

2009-07-23 15:13 BJT

In Q1 2009, Yunnan Baiyao realized strong growth in its main business, just against the economic tendency. The prime operating revenue reached RMB 1.52b, a YoY increase of 34.54%; the net profit increased to RMB 114m, a YoY increase of 31.7%.

Such excellent performance reflects competitive branding and products. In 2009, Yunnan Baiyao further strengths its cooperation with CCTV, to improve the reputation of Baiyao series products. From January to May, Yunnan Baiyao Toothpaste, Woundplaste, First Aid Kits, Yunnan Baiyao Plaster, Aerosol and Tincture were advertised in Special A and After CCTV News and in Comedy Show. By doing this, Yunan Baiyao is further promoted to the cities and extensive tier 3 and 4 rural markets.

According to Yunnan Baiyao, “Advertising on CCTV is one of the most effective means to drive the expansion and strengthening of Yunnan Baiyao. After cooperating with CCTV for several years, Yunnan Baiyao brand restores to its former glory, and a modern, professional, time-featured, trusted and time-honored brand is rooted to the heart of consumers, which strongly supports the fast development of Yunnan Baiyao in consecutive years.”

In 2009, Yunnan Baiyao launched the production and sales of common medicines. Yunnan Baiyao said they will grasp the opportunities in the financial crisis in 2009 and hit the RMB 10b operating revenue in three years.

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