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Brands–Higher, Farther, Earlier

2009-07-24 11:00 BJT

To build a brand

“Stand higher, look farther, start earlier”

Stand higher

We have always been advertising on CCTV since Vantage’s foundation, because we think it is a high platform. Only by standing on this stage can we realize our vision of becoming the leader of the industry.

Look farther

In my view, advertising is a kind of investment, a kind of saving. Tremendous brand capital for an enterprise, which is incalculable, will be accumulated through long-term advertising.

Start earlier

My first ad on CCTV in 1992 cost only RMB 4,000. The charge is much higher now and will be inevitably increased in the future. Therefore, you must take actions early to cultivate your brand. The earlier you invest, the less it will cost.

Huang Qijun

President of Vantage Stock Co., Ltd.

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