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Sassy girl returns as robot

2009-07-27 09:43 BJT

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What if Terminator was a love story? Sounds ludicrous, but that's exactly what South Korean director Kwak Jae-Young's "Cyborg She" is. It is a love story between a high-tech cyborg from the future and her inventor boyfriend. In today's Spotlight we take an in-depth look at the Korea-Japan joint production " Cyborg She", or " My Girlfriend is a Cyborg".

Cyborg She is directed by South Korean director Kwak Jae-Young who you may remember from his 2001 hit "My Sassy Girl". Kwak's inventive humor and storytelling is once again on display.

In the year 2010, a kind, frail and physically disabled Kitamura Jiro builds a female cyborg as a personal aide to assist him in his daily life. Also equipped with a time travel device, Jiro sends the cyborg back to 2007 in an attempt to prevent the accident that crippled him. The chemistry between the two is charming and romantic.

Director Kwak Jae-young urges viewers not to compare this movie to his previous production "My Sassy Girl". But the latter comes to mind when watching "Cyborg She".

The robot-girlfriend in the film, played by Japanese star Haruka Ayase, seems like an updated version of the "Sassy Girl". This bizarre character seems to have no limits when it comes to eccentricity.