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My Understanding about CCTV

2009-07-27 10:17 BJT

Sun Xianhong Deputy Director of Mengcao Co., Ltd


  I have much understanding about CCTV after contacting with it for over ten years. I once said in a forum that, “CCTV can bring to you numerous values, and the key lies in how to use them.”

Unforgettable Affection

My initial understanding came from the advertising by Yili on CCTV in 1997.

At the end of 1996, Yili introduced its new ice cream product “bitter coffee”. According to usual practice, workers will suspend production in winter since it is off-season. But Yili decided to conduct marketing in winter – to attract consumers to eat ice cream in winter. And Yili decided to have a try in Hohhot and Baotou first after consultation.

At that time, we made a TV advertisement themed “bitter pursuit, sweet enjoyment”. And the strategy of media publicity was to advertise on local TV stations in the period of advertising time, so as to be “all-pervasive and well-known”.

The advertisement was broadcast on CCTV by three consecutive times once. From then on, “bitter coffee storm” was spread nationwide. All the consumers nationwide expect the distributors in “bitter pursuit”, and once the bitter coffee arrives, consumers begin to have “sweet enjoyment”.

At that year, the sales value of bitter coffee hit a new record high, exceeding RMB 300 million. It marked a turning point in the history of Yili, building the confidence of consumers in Yili and creating the popularity of Yili all across the country.

From then on, I formed predestinated relationship with CCTV. And in the past over ten years, Yili, Mengniu, Little Sheep and other Inner Mongolia brands frequently advertised on CCTV.

CCTV = reliability + preemptive occupation + channel construction + fast growth + audience rating point

If corporate development is compared to a running vehicle, I think CCTV can provide enterprises with 6.0 power support and enable the vehicle to run faster and arrive at destination quickly.

For enterprises, CCTV serves as the watershed between buyers and sellers. Those enterprises in seller’s market which are relatively passive in looking for distributors and other partners can transform seller’s market into buyer’s market and distributors and other partners will take the initiative to join them if they can make good use of CCTV and improve corporate strength and bargaining chip.