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Dancer Tai Lihua

2009-07-28 09:33 BJT

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In Chinese dance circles, there is one name synonymous with a unique grace and radiant beauty all of her own; Tai Lihua. Deaf from the age of two, Tai Lihua has gone on to become both creator and performer of a series of visual spectacles that have entranced audiences the world over. In today's THE LIST we meet the dancer who has triumphed in the face of silence.

The 2004 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and a dance inspired by the Buddha sculptures in the Yungang Grottoes mesmerizes millions of TV viewers. Tai Lihua appears at the head of a troupe of 20 dancers in column. They are lauded not only for their amazing coordination and spectacular visual illusion this creates, but also the fact that they do so in a world of absolute silence.

Tai Lihua said, “I always think that the "Thousand Armed Goddess of Mercy" could have been choreographed specifically for hearing or speech -impaired persons.”

Though we can't speak, we express our selves through our bodies. The Thousand Armed Goddess of Mercy symbolizes benevolence and philanthropy. We try to bring this spirit into the dance and put across its message of love through it to thousands of others.