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Midea Goes All Out for the Spring Festival Gala Marketing through Hourly Chime for Nine Consecutive Years

2009-07-29 10:50 BJT

Eagerly awaited by hundreds of millions of Chinese around the world, 2009 CCTV Spring Festival Gala appear on the scene as schedule. Immersed in jocund singing and laughing, we said goodbye to the year of “Jade Mouse” and ushered in the new year of “Gold Ox”.

The Gala went into its climax when the bell chime signifying the advent of a new year was echoed throughout the place. This exciting moment has always deeply impressed upon audience’s memory year by year. As they always do, Midea Group sent its blessings and good wishes at this significant “zero hours” of waving goodbye to the old year and ushering in the new for the ninth time. In addition, prior to the commencement of the Spring Festival Gala, Midea Group also conveyed its well-wishing to audiences by hourly chime at 20:00. For almost a decade, Midea has persevered in executing the hourly chime on the spot of the Spring Festival Gala, which has been a sustaining strategic measure for the Group. In terms of popularity and reputation, Midea has accumulated invaluable brand legacy through those arrangements.

I. Enhancing Brand Popularity

The annual CCTV Spring Festival Gala has become a must-have “family reunion dinner” for Chinese people at New Year’s Eve, enjoying the highest audience rating and universal audiences. It also becomes an important platform for converging the hopes and emotions of all Chinese around the world and for enterprise unfolding its marketing activities. For years, Midea Group adheres to launch the hourly chime at the Gala, which exerted unexpected favorable impetus for rapidly growing enterprises and brands.

During the 2009 Spring Festival, through “eight o’clock chime” and “lunar new year chime” at the Spring Festival Gala, two pivotal moments with the highest audience rating globally, and the prior daily brand exposures for a month by rolling advertisement prompt in various CCTV channels Midea Group strengthened people’s impression on its brand. At the same time, advertisements of air-conditioning, refrigerator, kitchen appliances, microwave oven and soybean milk machine also broadcasted during bidding period and CCT-1 Golden Time Theatre period, which, together with image advertisements of the enterprise, formed a powerful dissemination force, playing an extremely important role in enhancing the recognition of brand and products.

II. Boosting Brand Reputation

After years of nourishment, the brand of Midea has entered reputation construction phase from popularity cultivation in domestic market. During this process, brand popularity is the foundation while the reputation is the goal. As for market, popularity means the spectrum and extensiveness of a brand, whereas reputation is the depth and force of a brand. To be able to possess strong market competitiveness and harvest sales performance, an enterprise must work hard to enhance the reputation of its brand and strengthen the market depth and sales intensity after its brand popularity has achieved. As an annual grand gathering of global Chinese, the Spring Festival Gala is bound to be an important opportunity to enhance the brand reputation of an enterprise.

III. Expanding International Influence of Brand

With the expansion of its operation scale, besides consolidating and expanding the domestic markets, Midea Group is committed to perfect its industrial structure, further explore international market, strengthen brand competitiveness and build strong brand position in the future. Through the global simultaneous broadcasting at the 2009 CCTV Spring Festival Gals through CCTV Chinese International, English, French and Spanish channels, Midea has achieved certain influence in international markets, which is consistent with its strategy of promoting its brand to international market.

VI. Support “Promotion in Rural Areas” Strategy of Enterprise

Besides continuously expanding international markets, Midea will also march into rural markets in 2009. CCTV, with its unrivaled extensive coverage, authority and public faith force, will become an indispensable supporting media power for pushing forward Midea’s strategy of "Home Appliances Promotion in Rural Areas”, which will promote sales of a series of products in vast rural areas.

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