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"AD Season" Campus Tour Enters Sun Yat-sen University

2009-07-29 14:59 BJT

AD Season Campus Advertisement Promotion Campaign, co-hosted by China Advertising Association and CCTV Advertising Department and undertook by the School of Management of Sun Yat-sen University, was grandly convened in Shansi Hall affiliated to the School of Management of Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen University on the evening of December 15, 2006. Nearly 1,000 people including college students majoring in management, marketing and advertising from Sun Yat-sen University as well as other universities in Guangzhou, and media representatives attended the event.

Following the first stop in Peking University on March 9, 2006, and the second stop in Wuhan University on May 26, 2006, "AD Season" Campus Tour entered Sun Yat-sen University this time, being the third stop of its national tour. The reasons why Sun Yat-sen University was chosen were that those majors of Sun Yat-sen University such as management and marketing enjoy great influence and authority in the field of education, and that Sun Yat-sen University enjoys long history and popularity.

At the event, Sun Yingcai, Deputy Secretary-General of China Advertising Association, and Peng Zhigang, Vice President of the School of Management of Sun Yat-sen University made their addresses successively. In Sun Yingcai's speech, he said that over years China Advertising Association has been committed to promoting the development of China's advertising education in universities and taking the lead in conducting exchange and interaction between advertising education and advertising industry. Meanwhile, CCTV, the leader of China's media industry, has shouldered the duty of promoting the development of China's advertising industry and China's advertising education. A lot work has been done by it, contributing greatly to the development of advertising industry. The aim of "AD Season" Campus Tour is to surge a storm of campus advertising marketing, enhance the communication between well-known institutions of advertising, advertising industry and enterprises, disseminate actual knowledge of advertising, provide materials to the theoretical study of advertising and guide its development. At present, wherever "AD Season" sweeps over, it always enjoys great popularity with hot scenes, and has been hailed highly by advertising industry as well as universities. We are deeply moved by students' enthusiasm and desire for knowledge, and we are more determined to forge ahead the "AD Season" Campus Tour.