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Starcom Media

2009-07-29 16:27 BJT

About Starcom Media

Starcom is affiliated to Publicis Groupe, France. As one of the largest brand promotion companies in the world, we have set up an exclusive channel for the communications with professional consumers via Starcom Media (www.smvgroup.com) and a globally-integrated network. Our subsidiary institutes throughout the world include many strategic marketing and promotion institutes excelling in media management, media sponsorship, online and digital marketing and capable of staging various combinations of marketing activities such as cultural and entertaining marketing, gaming marketing, sports marketing and sponsorship...The company has 110 offices and about 5,800 employees throughout the world, providing brand construction service for many internationally reputable corporations. In China, we have set up branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and the number of employees has reached about 300.

Chemistry between Starcom Media and CCTV

With its professional media optimization system, TOPS, Starcom Media provides scientific value assessment for the important role that CCTV has been playing in media communication, and the partnership between Starcom and CCTV features cross industries, multi-client sources and massive-input. In 2007, we had wonderful cooperation with CCTV: P&G (including its subsidiary brand, Gillette) represented by us became the corporation with the highest bidding volume (over 500 million RMB) on CCTV prime commercial air time again; Coca Cola represented by us signed an 140 million RMB advertising contract with the major Olympic programs, China Pride and With the Holy Torch, on CCTV, thus creating a new summit of Starcom-CCTV cooperation during the Olympics.

Starcom Media, More Shining and Brilliant

We aim to becoming a leader in the field of marketing and brand promotion in the era of Economy of Attention, a corporation which excels in drawing and managing consumers’ attention and shifting its focus from the outdated traditional patterns of business operation. In 2008, we became the first institution launching a globally-leading data base of “consumers’ wishes”—IntenTrack™, with a massive capacity. From May 19 to May 21, for 3 consecutive days, we held press conferences for IntenTrack™ in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, as one of the steps of its release promotion throughout the world. The data base, in study of the relationship between consumers’ attention and brands, is a wonderful tool for predicting consumers’ spending behaviors. So far, IntenTrack™ has collected 16 months of research data, covering 28 countries, 30 product categories and more than 200 brands, and its research range is still expanding.