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Beijing Vision CN Advertisement Co., Ltd.

2009-07-29 16:38 BJT

About Us

Established in July, 2001, Vision CN has grown into a comprehensive media service provider through 7 years of development, and now, it is striving for becoming the most brilliant improver of media investment value in the industry—capable of serving its clients through communication patterns with distinct Chinese characteristics and forging a prestigious brand in China’s advertising circle. Since 2004, Vision CN has been participating in CCTV commercial air time bidding, and from 2005 to 2007, for 3 consecutive years, it was ranked in Top 10 among advertising agencies participating in CCTV commercial air time bidding. In 2007, Vision CN’s bidding volume accounted for 13% of the total of CCTV commercial bids, becoming the 3rd largest advertising agency of CCTV. We put large amounts of advertising placement in different channels of CCTV. As for the purchase of sole advertising agency for excellent CCTV programs, we have been honored as the best for 7 consecutive years, and the programs for which we have the sole agency now include such well-known ones as Economy & Law, Global Information, News Probe, New Probe and Tell It Like It is. We are making rapid progresses in aspects such as the development of professional teams, number of clients, market share of media agency and accomplishments on media study.

In the future, we will further the cooperation with CCTV and do our utmost to push forward the development of China’s advertising industry.