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AD Season Campus Tour Enters Wuhan University

2009-07-30 14:29 BJT

On the evening of May 26, many students gathered together in the main hall of Humanities Building of Wuhan University, with one after another round of warm applauses. “AD Season Campus Tour” co-hosted by China Advertising Association and CCTV Advertising Department, and sponsored by School of Journalism and Communication of Wuhan University was held here.

After "AD Season" Campus Tour & "AD Season"-the Sixth National Students Advertising Festival was launched on March 9 in Peking University, it came to Wuhan University-the second stop of its national campus tour. "AD Season" means "the season of advertising". During the "AD Season" Campus Advertisement Promotion Campaign, China Advertising Association and CCTV Advertising Department have jointly invited top-class corporate executives, authoritative scholars from universities and well-known planners to launch a series of tour lecture activities in the influential universities throughout the country, so as to launch a nationwide advertising boom in colleges and universities, enhance the exchanges between academic circle, advertising industry and enterprises and spread practical experience.

The reason why Wuhan became the second stop of “AD Season” Campus Tour was that the organizers were aware of the authority of Wuhan University in journalism, advertising education as well as the long history and influence of Wuhan University. Enjoying a high reputation in domestic media and advertising industry, the School of Journalism and Communication of Wuhan University is the Holy Land to cultivate the talents specializing in news, media, advertising and design.

During this event, Deputy Secretary-General of China Advertising Association Sun Yingcai, Vice-President of School of Journalism and Communication of Wuhan University Zhang Kun addressed successively. They said that, "AD Season" Campus Advertisement Promotion Campaign aimed to provide college students with the latest information, research results and practical experience on marketing and advertising, trigger an advertising brand boom in campus, and enhance the exchanges between academic circle and enterprises. Vice-President Zhang Kun also said that, the Advertising Department of Wuhan University would further strengthen the communication and cooperation with the advertising industry and learn the wisdom and experience from the front-line market so as to cultivate more talents for the advertising business of our country.