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The Advertising Department of CCTV

2009-07-30 14:49 BJT

The Advertising Department of CCTV is responsible for managing the commercial ads broadcasted on CCTV and publicizing the public service ads.

In 2008, the Advertising Department of CCTV was restructured to improve the “market-driven” organization framework which includes the following 11 sections: Office, Marketing Section, Publicity Section, Product Section, Client Service Section, Time Resource Section, Channel Operation Section, Edit-Broadcasting Tech Section, Broadcasting Supervision Section, Contract Management Section and Ad Review Section.

In recent years, with the rapid development of social economy and TV undertaking of our country, the Advertising Department of CCTV, by following the “branding” development philosophy, the leading idea of “trusting the brand force”, the operation concept of “restricting total ad volume, shortening ad duration, reinforcing ad review and pursuing premium ad quality” and the marketing concept of “good-faith marketing, professional marketing, brand marketing and harmonious marketing”, has always been developing new ad products, diversifying the product line, establishing the scientific and reasonable ad price system, building the marketing network and innovating the client development and expansion by virtue of all CCTV resources so as to satisfy the clients’ demands in a better way. With unremitting efforts, the brand influence of the Advertising Department of CCTV is ever increasing and the ad revenue has increased significantly year by year. In 2007, the ad revenue was over RMB11 billion.

In 2008, the Advertising Department of CCTV intensified the communication with companies and advertising enterprises, innovated the ad product and marketing mode and built itself to be a creditable, devoted, innovative, responsible and harmonious team.

The advertising bidding-sum of 2009 CCTV golden resource ad reached RMB9,256.27 million, hitting a record high in the bidding history of CCTV for 15 years. The Advertising Department of CCTV introduced the concept of “full pre-sale” and classified the bidding resource into “bid competition resource” and “agreement-signing and purchasing resource” for the first time, which marked an important and successful transformation in the CCTV bidding history, better catered to the demands of market and clients and conformed to the development trend of the media advertising industry.

In 2008, the ad revenue hit another record high.

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