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Package Ad Invitation Program for 2009 World Championships of Magic

2009-07-31 15:08 BJT

At CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2009, the close-up magic performed by Taiwan magician Liu Qian hit a great success, which triggered a magic fever.

In Jul. 2009, CCTV-3 will launch another magic fever in China – the 24th FISM World Championships of Magic will be held in Beijing at the end of July.

World Championships of Magic, which is held once every three years by International Federation of Magic Societies (FISM), is crowned as “the Olympics of World Magic” with numerous participating programs, diverse program types and high performance level. More than 2000 people, including magicians, magic prop traders, magic enthusiasts as well as top-class participants from all over the world will participate in the grand event.

During the 23rd FISM World Championships of Magic held in Stockholm, Sweden on Aug. 4, 2006, Beijing won the bid to host the 24th FISM World Championships of Magic out of the fierce competition with Granada (Spain) and Vienna (Austria).

Chinese magic enjoys a long history. As early as over 2000 years ago, there was magic in China. At present, hundreds of thousands of Chinese people engage in magic, and there are a countless number of magic enthusiasts in China. Moreover, Chinese magicians have won gold prizes in international magic competition.

During the 24th FISM World Championships of Magic in 2009, CCTV-3 will offer vast Chinese audience with a splendid magic feast.

【Program Broadcasting Schedule】(tentative)

PM 7:30 from Jul. 28 to Aug. 2, 2009 on CCTV-3; six episodes in total.

(Note: for specific broadcasting time, please refer to the preview on China TV Guide).

【Ad Broadcasting Schedule】

In normal position of the program; once/episode; six times in total.

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