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Attached Advertisement Tendering Program for Summer Feast “New Acrobatics Heroes”

2009-07-31 16:57 BJT

In the midsummer of 2009, CCTV-3 launched special edition and arrangement for “Summer Feast”. As a part of “Summer Feast”, “New Acrobatics Heroes” will make a grand debut in late July.

As essential item in domestic variety show programs, acrobatic programs are highly favored by the broad masses of audience because of high degree of spectatorial skills. Over nearly half a century, Chinese acrobats have toured extensively all over the world and have become award-winners in many international competitions, who have made their art styles well known in more than 100 countries of five continents. Acrobatics has become the pride of China, which is not only an emissary of the Chinese culture, but also an emissary of peace and friendship.

In the advent of the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC, CCTV-3 invited a group of excellent acrobatic teams winning domestic and international awards in order to focus on staging top-class fantastic, amazing acrobatic performances for the majority of televiewers and making panoramic view of outstanding achievements in the field of acrobat in the past 60 years.

The shooting of “New Acrobatics Heroes” will make full use of televised means, plenty of lens languages, special effects photography and subjective lens to reinforce the telepresence for acrobatic programs, strengthen its shock and enjoyment from the perspective of video and audio, and promote the ancient art to rejuvenate. The functional dancing and artistic facilities will be applied on the programming scene in order to create a magical and dreamy effect, break down the boundaries between reality and virtuality, indoor and outdoor, studio and live action, achieve interlacing and surpass in time and space, and bring about new visual view experience for all televiewers.

[Broadcasting arrangements for program]:

From July 28 to August 2, 2009, CCTV-3 will broadcast one episode at 21:16 each night, with a total of 6 episodes and each duration of 50 minutes.

(In case of adjustment for this program, specific broadcast arrangements shall subject to program parade on China TV Guide.)

[Broadcasting arrangements for Advertisements]:

Attached advertisement will be broadcast in the program; 1 time/episode with a total of 6 times.

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