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Hong Kong cartoon piglet debuts

2009-08-03 09:42 BJT

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McDull, a cartoon piglet as famous as Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty in Hong Kong, is leaving his hometown for the first time to learn kung-fu on the mainland. In today's The Spotlight, we take a look at this original and popular Hong Kong cartoon character.

"McDull, Kung-fu Ding Ding Dong" is based on a comic book series by Alice Mak and Brian Tse. It follows a young pig's tai chi experience on Mount Wudang, a sacred site for Chinese kung-fu in Hubei province. This marks the Hong Kong-born piglet's first visit to the mainland.

Female comedian Song Dandan and Huang Bo, a talented young actor who achieved acclaim in director Ning Hao's "Crazy" film series, voice leading characters. The animation's producers believe it will attract more attention by blending Hong Kong humor with funny elements from the mainland.

Huang Bo, who has stood out by using Shandong dialect in his performances, is deeply impressed by McDull's story.