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South Korean magician astonishes with dove act

2009-08-06 09:07 BJT

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South Korean magician Lee Eun Gyeol was the youngest performer at the World Magician Championships which concluded in Beijing last Friday. His tricks have inspired many followers, including Taiwan magician Liu Qian. Let's find out more.

Twenty-eight year old Lee Eun Gyeol is best known for conjuring up doves in the blink of an eye. The tricks originated from a childhood fascination.

Lee Eun Gyeol said, "When I was a child, I dreamt about the magicians doing tricks with doves and cards. They became my favorite props and I soon developed my own style."

Lee considers magic, first and foremost, as an art for the eye. So the matching of colors is of great importance. He found success when he beat Taiwan magician Liu Qian to win the first prize at the UGM World Magic Contest in Japan.

The two have since then talked about their work as they have met several times.

Many South Koreans view magic as a fashionable hobby. And Lee Eun Gyeol suggests that enthusiasts should understand and love magic with their heart if they really want to succeed in this field.

Editor: Zhao Yanchen | Source: CCTV.com