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A 'no coal' campaign in China

2009-08-10 11:54 BJT

On a hot, humid day in Beijing, the environmental group Greenpeace released a report challenging China's largest power-generation plants.

Greenpeace China volunteers stand at the Yongding River bank in western Beijing, holding a yellow flag on which the Chinese characters read: Save the climate. The environmental group urged China's top power companies to help move the country away from coal and to cut carbon dioxide emissions by aggressively improving energy efficiency and developing renewable energy sources.
Greenpeace China volunteers stand at the Yongding River bank in 
western Beijing, holding a yellow flag on which the Chinese 
characters read: Save the climate. The environmental group urged
China's top power companies to help move the country away from 
coal and to cut carbon dioxide emissions by aggressively improving
 energy efficiency and developing renewable energy sources.

In front of a coal-fired power plant, campaigners and volunteers stood at the dry riverbed of Yongding River on the western outskirts of the capital.

They held a huge banner with a symbol for "No Coal".

The country's top power companies are being asked to help move China away from coal and to cut carbon dioxide emissions by aggressively improving energy efficiency and developing renewable energy.

The Greenpeace report, "Polluting Power: Ranking China's Power Companies," stated that China's top 10 power generators consume 20 percent of China's total coal production, creating 1.4 billion tons of carbon dioxide emission in 2008.

"These power companies must play an industry leadership role. If not, they will be barriers to China's climate change campaign," said Yang Ailun, climate and energy campaign manager for Greenpeace China.