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Kim Jong-il's sitting room discovered by Google earth

2009-08-14 11:29 BJT

An American economist said that he found the satellite photographs of Kim Jong-il’s mansion on Google earth.

Kim Jong-il's sitting room was discovered by Google earth. (Global Times Photo)
Kim Jong-il's sitting room was discovered by Google earth. 
(Global Times Photo)

Cutis Melvin, an American economist and a researcher at George Mason University, published a picture that he discovered on “Google earth” during a program in CNN. He said this is the mansion of North Korea’s top leader Kim Jong-il. The swimming poll in the picture is 15 meters wide and 50 meters long.

A South Korea official said, “This picture is Kim’s No. 21 mansion in Lung Shing, a suburb of Pyongyang.” It’s said that No. 21 mansion is Kim’s main residents in Pyongyang.

However, Hazel Smith, a North Korea expert, said that it’s a tough work to get the exact location of Kim’s residents. This satellite photograph seems similar to other diplomatic mansions she has encountered.