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Sci-fi film Kungfu Cyborg hit big screen

2009-08-17 09:03 BJT

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Romantic sci-fi film "Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg", directed by acclaimed Hong Kong director Jeffrey Lau, had its grand premiere on Wednesday in Beijing. The director escorted cast members, including Eric Tsang, Hu Jun, Sun Li and Wu Jing to the release, promoting their latest effort.

The stunt-filled slapstick comedy is a battle of good and evil between robots, showing their self-redemption in the process.

Actor Eric Tsang said, "Many cinema goers burst into laughter at the beginning of Jeffrey Lau's film, but leave the cinema in tears. When they are back home recalling the scenarios, they laugh again."

The story takes place in a futuristic world, where robots are at war with each other. Hu Jun plays a police officer who becomes a cyborg. Sun Li plays the adopted sister of Hu Jun, who falls in love with a cyborg. Wu Jing plays a robot who has become evil but eventually turns over a new leaf.

Compelling visual effects add to the film's luster. It's all the work of a team of computer experts who once contributed to the movie "Kungfu Hustle". From a variety of sophisticated weaponry tailored for the cyborg, changes to its appearance, and the movie's special effects, theater-goers can expect a lot of surprises.

"Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg" is slated for release nation wide on August the 20th.