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Yin Tao enjoys her heyday

2009-08-17 09:03 BJT

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The TV series "In a Land Far Faraway" has won accolades from both critics and TV viewers since it hit the airwaves across the country. The show's growing audience has helped put Yin Tao, the leading lady, in the spotlight. In our "List" today, we take a look at the career of this versatile actress.

Yin Tao plays the lead role of Yuan Ying in the TV series "In A Land Far Faraway". Her sweet smile, girl-next-door image, combined with her polished performance, has won her a cult of following.

Over the years she has appeared in a number of TV dramas, including "The Sky of History", "Catching the Wrong Bus", "Happiness is Like Flowers", "Vertical Strike", "Stars of Yesterday", "Big Pearls", and "Stories of a Medical Team".

The productions with Yin Tao playing a role all received high ratings, and that helped win Yin the title of the "Princess of High Audience Ratings". "The Promising Clan", which has just finished airing on CCTV-8 with Yin Tao playing the lead, once again won accolades from critics. The success of "The Promising Clan" proven Yin's acting prowess.

Yin Tao graduated from the PLA Academy of Arts. Her stage performance for the graduation "I'm Waiting for You in Heaven" was widely recognized, winning an array of trophies including the Golden Lion Award for Performance, the award for Excellent Performance at the 8th Cao Yu Drama Award, and the Best Leading Actress of the 5th Shanghai Magnolia Award.

Yin's works in recent years, such as TV series "The Sky of History", and "Catching the Wrong Bus" brought her into the center of attention. A Mei, the leading role portrayed by Yin Tao in "Catching the Wrong Bus", won Yin the nomination of a Golden Eagle Award.