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Hopes of Hubei people relocated for water project

2009-08-21 08:33 BJT

WUHAN, Aug. 20 (Xinhua) -- Zhou Haibo, a woman villager from Junxian Township, in central China's Hubei Province, rose at 5 a.m. Thursday to help pack up the family belongings.

Zhou's family of five joined 24 other households from Guanmenyan Village, the same village where Zhou lived, and set out in buses at 7:15 a.m. for a new village in Nancheng, Zaoyang City, more than 200 km east of the village.

That was a scene taking place Thursday when 75 families, including Zhou's, were moved from three villages in Danjiangkou, a city in Hubei Province, to make way for construction of the central route of the South-to-North water diversion project

Those being relocated, some 333 villagers, will settle in two other cities of Zaoyang and Jingmen in the same province. They make up part of the 23,000 people who will be relocated in Hubei and Henan provinces.

Unlike Zhou and her fellow villagers, 50 other families from Fenggou and Aihe, two villages in Xijiadian Township, involving 232 people, were transported by bus to another new village built for resettlers in the Qujialing administrative district of Jingmen City Thursday. Furniture and luggage were also trucked over, said a source from the Danjiangkou City government Thursday.

Zaoyang and Jingmen are prosperous cities in the fertile valley formed by the Hanjiang River, an important tributary of the Yangtze River, the longest in China.