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Rock on, rock on: The balancing art of Bill Dan

2009-08-21 09:30 BJT

To those of us who find it impossible to balance a teaspoon on a saucer, Bill Dan is a man of awe-inspiring skill. Somehow and for some reason, he balances rock upon rock upon rock in a gravity-defying display of virtuosity.

Bill Dan's rock balancing works 

Bill Dan's rock balancing works 

Watch as he carefully places the tiniest point of one rock on the roundest surface of another. Bill works on the shores of San Francisco, where an occasional seagull threatens the equilibrium of his creations.

But balancing rocks isn't restricted to the water's edge of northern California -- it's a worldwide phenomenon, with new practitioners joining the ranks every day. If you're inspired to try a little stone stacking yourself, Bill offers this helpful advice, "Try to place a bigger rock at the bottom."