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'Du Lala' TV Drama in the Works

2009-08-21 15:47 BJT

Already a film and a stage play, best-selling novel "Du Lala's Promotion" is set to become a TV drama soon as well.

Popular TV starlet Wang Luodan will star as Du Lala alongside popular TV hunk Li Guangjie as lead actor.

Li Guangjie (L) and Wang Luodan will star in TV drama "Du LaLala's Promotion". [Photo: ent.sina.com.cn]
Li Guangjie (L) and Wang Luodan will star in TV drama "Du LaLala's
Promotion". [Photo: ent.sina.com.cn]

The story was first put to the stage this April and was well-received in theaters in Beijing and Shanghai.

Earlier this month, actress and director Xu Jinglei announced her plans to film the popular office politics novel and invited American costume designer Patricia Field, who worked on hit U.S. TV series "Sex And The City", to join her team.

"Du Lala's Promotion" is the most popular office novel among contemporary working women so far. Du Lala, an optimistic and outspoken young woman, makes her way up from the bottom to achieve success in a global top-500 corporation.

Office fashion, an important element of the story, will also be a highlight in the TV version.