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Top ten most beautiful forests in China

2009-08-21 16:54 BJT

5. Linzhi spruce forest of Bomigang Village, Tibet

With an area of 4,600 hectares, the Linzhi spruce forest of Bomigang Village is located in Zhamu County of Tibet. The forests cover 61 percent of the area. It was listed as a coniferous nature reserve in 1984.

Bomigang Village is located in the northeast of Brahmaputra, where the special geographical location brings abundant rain and mild temperature. The vegetation changes as the altitude of the mountain rises.

The forests flourish in the area and produce abundant lumber. Each hectare of the forest can produce 2,400 square meters, three times as much as the forests in Northeast China. The trees are 300-400 years old, have trunk diameters between 1.5-2.5 meters and can reach a height of 75-80 meters. The forest is the most productive dark coniferous forest in the world.