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Top ten most beautiful forests in China

2009-08-21 16:54 BJT

7. Luntai diversiform-leaved poplar forest, Xinjiang

Luntai County is situated at the southern foot of Tianshan Mountain, on the north border of Tarim Basin. Here lies the 26,000-hectare forest of diversiform-leaved poplars, which is the largest in area and density as well as the best-preserved of its kind in the world. The forest vegetation is typical of the Tarim River Basin, distributed in both the upper and lower valleys. Despite its simple structure, the trees bear distinctly the imprint of the characteristics of the region.

The name of this kind of poplar tree means "the most beautiful tree" in the Uygur language. It is also called "the hero in the desert" thanks to its vigor and ability to withstand drought, sand and wind. The poplars, along with many other desert plants, are a revelation about life and death. Bathed in the glow of the rising and setting sun, they produce a sense of mystery and bring hope and vitality to people.