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China to launch First ASEM Culture and Arts Festival in September 6

2009-08-27 17:10 BJT

Special Report: ASEM Culture and Arts Festival |

Background: Birth of the First ASEM Culture and Arts Festival

At the Seventh Asia-Europe Meeting Summit during October 24-25, 2008, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao stated that Asian and European members of the Meeting should “promote dialogue between civilizations and encourage social openness and inclusiveness,” they build on the tradition of cultural exchanges between Asia and Europe, take advantage of modern transport and information technologies to enrich the contents and diversify the forms of exchanges and increase the participation of the young people and the media. He then proposed to launch the ASEM Culture and Arts Festival on a host-rotating basis.

The Meeting adopted the proposal and agreed to host the first Festival in China. Aiming at broadening cultural exchange between Asia and Europe, the Festival will pay homage to the diversity of cultures and civilizations across the two continents, and promote cultural dialogue, common prosperity and progress between Asian and European nations.

Editor: Zhao Yanchen | Source: CCTV.com