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Marketing Strategy for a Late-comer in the Market

2009-09-18 09:28 BJT

Li Chunrong, Vice President of Dong Feng Motor Corporation Passenger Vehicle Company

In 2007, I came to Dong Feng Motor Corporation Passenger Vehicle Company to start a marketing system. From the company laying its foundation on September 19th, 2007 to product release on July 22nd of this year, the whole process has lasted for two years. When taking over the marketing system, I was wondering how to improve the competitiveness of the company and maintain stable and sustainable growth in the long run. I have always laid emphasis on four aspects, namely product power, brand power, team power and marketing power.

Our marketing strategy is to establish an “Eight-S” win-win system with distributors, employees and customers. This system will guarantee a sound and sustainable development, to be specific, is to build a diversified chanel that will generate comtinuous profits, make efficient use of resources, target customers precisely and maintain strong momentum.

This win-win system is proved to be very feasible up to now. Since Dong Feng Aeolus entered the market on July 22nd, we have 57 distributors selling the cars at the same time and now we have 65. Based on the current operation, we think this strategy has scored initial success for a late-comer in a mature market.

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