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Negative propaganda on Tibet should be halted

2009-10-24 10:41 BJT

Special Report: 2nd Tibet Development Forum |

by Silvia Marchetti

ROME, Oct. 23 (Xinhua) -- The negative propaganda on Tibet was fueled by the Dalai Lama and must be halted at once, President of the Italy-China Foundation Cesare Romiti said Friday.

Romiti, who attended an international forum on Tibet's development in Rome on Oct. 22-23, told Xinhua that the global public had a distorted opinion on what was really happening in China's Autonomous Region of Tibet. The reason for this was an information gap.

The forum, jointly sponsored by China's State Council Information Office, the Italy-China Foundation of Italy and the Chinese Embassy in Italy, aims to set the record straight on Tibet, both in Italy and worldwide.

According to Romiti, Tibet's major problem was the Dalai Lama's distorted propaganda.

To correct the misleading image of Tibet depicted by the Dalai Lama, it was important to open up the region to the rest of the world, he said.

"Tourism can play a major role in attracting foreigners to see what the place is really like," Romiti suggested, but he conceded that this was not easy, as the region's tourist facilities were still underdeveloped.

"Through the forum we have tried to increase reciprocal awareness among Tibet, Italy and the rest of the world," Romiti explained.

He added that the international conference was a great opportunity to draw worldwide attention to the region.

"It is crucial to spread thorough knowledge on the region, and this is what the forum has tried to do," Romiti asserted.

"I believe the Chinese government can play a fundamental role in spreading correct information on Tibet," he added.

Romiti had visited Tibet before. He described the region as "totally different" from the description the Dalai Lama had given." People enjoy economic autonomy and wide religious freedom, with monasteries covering the entire region," he said.

The second international forum on Tibet's development has attracted more than 400 participants from China, Italy, Austria, the United States, India, Australia, Spain and Belgium.

The forum was held for the first time in Vienna in November 2007.

The Italy-China Foundation, established in November 2003, aims to boost mutual understanding between Chinese and Italian businessmen and help identify areas of cooperation for the economic and cultural circles of the two countries.

Editor: Zhang Ning | Source: Xinhua