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Interpretation of CCTV 2010 Prime Advertising Resource Bidding

2009-10-28 09:33 BJT

By Xia Hongbo, Director of CCTV Advertising Department

Based on the mode of “bidding + subscription” successfully implemented on Nov.18 last year, CCTV Advertising Department will further strengthen the advance sale mode to include more products. The Advance Sale Month to be launched in November will provide a platform for clients and agencies to subscribe to the advertisement products of 2010 in advance.

Three Categories of Advertising Products

Three categories of advertisement products will be included in the Advance Sale Month, namely Products for Bidding, Products for Subscription and Contracted Products, where the Products for Bidding are the core and the prime resources that are most pursued, the Products for Subscription are the premium quality resources that can meet the special demands of special clients, and the Contracted Products are the resources to be contracted in 2010 via public bidding that are included in the overall Advance Sale on Nov.18. The latter two categories of products are auxiliary products.

Three Sales Modes

The most scarce advertising product of CCTV in 2010 will be sold by bidding on November 18, 2009, namely Products for Bidding.

The premium products of all channels, except the Products for Bidding, will be available for purchase in advance. During November 16 to 19, clients subscribe, and the products to which they subscribe constitute the Products for Subscription.

After the Products for Bidding and Products for Subscription are sold, the Contracted Products for the year 2010 will be released, and the contracting agency will be determined by means of bidding from November 26 to 28. The advertising products whose contracting is purchased by advertising agencies through bidding will constitute the contracted products in the Advance Sale Month.

Three Key Words: Integration, Optimization and Innovation

Integration means integrating all advertisement resources of CCTV and designing the products for advance sale. It is necessary to integrate all advertisement resources of CCTV, including the resources of all channels and resources under various media of CCTV, namely high-quality new media resources under CCTV such as CCTV.com, mobile TV, IPTV and vehicle mobile TV and so on, which supplement TV advertisement resources, providing a solid and more effective communication platform for clients.

Optimization means optimizing each advance sale product and the overall product structure. On the one hand, this includes the optimization of products. One criterion for optimization is whether the product truly meets the demand of the market and clients. The products to be optimized include general products meeting the common needs of clients and customized products meeting the specific needs of key clients. For general products, bidding is adopted; for customized products, clients need to subscribe.

On the other hand, this involves the optimization of product structure. The Advertising Department needs to establish a product structure that is internally uniform and coordinated and externally competitive. By internally uniform and coordinated, we are establishing a complete advertisement product system.

The innovation not only means to improve the way of reward to the clients in ad forms and content, but also the packaging style of products. It is important to design innovative rewards and packaging styles of products according to clients’ needs.

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